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View videos of TruDenta Provider Testimonials.

Dr. H.

Doctor in TruDenta for over two years talks about profits and MD referrals.


Dr. R.H.

“It’s wonderful, it’s incredible, the patients are having unbelievable results. It sets me apart from other dentists.”

Dentist Video Composite

Twenty doctors discuss training, science, new patients and success.

Dr. M.

Doctor in practice in Virginia for 25 years says, “It”s life changing for me… Wow! What we can do for people – there is no better way to practice dentistry!” Hear how he changed the lives of his team members in the first several weeks. “She looks 15 years younger and thinks I walk on water.”

Dr. C.M.

Self described “CE Junkie,” with Pankey, Dawson and LVI training says after 30+ years in practice, “The number of people who have these issues is astounding to me. We weren’t taught this in dental school, or anywhere else.”

Dr. S.

Florida Periodontist in practice over 25 years is excited to have a proven SYSTEMATIC approach to comprehensive care. Speaks highly of efficacy and training process.

Dr. E.S.

AAOSH member finds a predictable system to treat TMD, headaches and migraines.

Dr. Jody Danna

Is a patient too… changing her life, her patients’ lives and her practice performance.

Dr. G.K.

FAGD doctor is surprised at number of his team members suffering. Patients are everywhere!

Dr. T.

California dentist with large practice for 25 years, and his associate, just after completing the workshop at UNLV. Dr. T. comments that it is the best training he has ever had in his career.

Dr. L.V.

Reconstruction and TMD expert for 25+ years. Most excited about finishing patient care with no permanent orthotic. “If you have a heart for people, you want to implement this into your practice.”

Dr. B.N.

After 49 years in practice, finds the missing link. “The missing link that I didn’t have. It’s amazing. This is real science and it works.”

Dr. N.

Perio practice after 15 years as Tufts Professor “High rate of success; close to perfection.”

Dr. B.

Doctor believes TruDenta will extend his career past the current 32 years in practice. Dr. B. has 15 operatories. “Simple to implement!”

Dr. G.

Gators fan in practice for over 30 years. Dr. G is on the leading edge of technology and believes this is the future of dentistry.

Dr. H.

Doctor Practicing TruDenta for Over Two Years Answers 20 Questions in 20 Minutes. Topics Include: Clinical success rate, profitability, MD and Yale University referrals, staff excitement, ease of patient care acceptance and many others.

Dentist and Patient Video Composite

Hear from patients about their symptoms and search for help. Hear from dentists about success with TruDenta.

Dental Mastermind Group, Part 1

Dr. Mike Milligan interviews Mark W. Montgomery, DMD of TruDenta regarding treating the symptoms of force imbalance.

View videos of TruDenta Provider Team Testimonials.

Wendy, doctor team member and TruDenta patient

Wendy discusses her pain symptoms and the relief she found with TruDenta.

Vicki, former headache patient, TruDenta coach and DMRT

Vicki discusses her experiences as a pain sufferer, TruDenta coach and therapist.

Jamie, headache sufferer and DMRT

Jamie suffered headaches since falling many years before.

Scott, suffered with TMJ/D since 1995

Scott discusses his experiences with TMJ/D and TruDenta.


Emily suffered headaches since the fourth grade due to orthodontics.

Jackie, TruDenta DMRT

TruDenta therapist talks about her experiences providing TruDenta therapy.

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