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The TruDenta system uncovers and resolves the overlooked causes of chronic migraines.

The process:

  1. Precision diagnosis to scan for hidden factors contributing to your pain
  2. Gentle treatment plan to provide immediate pain relief and long-term rehabilitation

Precision headache & migraine diagnosis

When chronic migraines or headaches aren’t responding to treatment, they deserve a closer look.

TruDenta certified doctors use the latest diagnostic technology to closely examine the musculoskeletal system of the head, neck, and jaw to find any signs of the inflammation and tension that can lead to chronic headaches or migraines.

screen capture of Migraine Diagnosis Chart

How the diagnosis process works

Our diagnostic approach includes the delicate nerves and ligaments that run through the head and jaw—strong or repetitive forces (like a car accident or misaligned teeth) can often throw the whole system out of balance.

And just like an old sports injury or bad back, over time the imbalanced area can radiate pain to the surrounding tissue, often causing chronic migraine-like symptoms.

Range of Motion Analysis Icon showing neck with arrows

Force & Range of Motion Analysis

Head Health Questionnaire Icon showing papers and pencil

Symptoms & Headache History

Trigger Point Therapy Icon showing fingers and trigger point

Muscle Exam

Reduced dependence on medication

Intro To Rebound Headaches cover
Get our free ebook to learn how painkillers can cause headaches — one of the reasons TruDenta doesn’t rely on medication for pain relief.

Lasting headache & migraine treatment

If the examination process indicates headaches that are being caused by imbalances in the the way force is distributed, TruDenta can help.

All TruDenta doctors have years of experience working with the delicate musculature of the jaw, neck, and head as dental professionals — a perfect background to implement TruDenta’s process of progressive rehabilitation and physical therapy.

Person receiving laser to cheek

How the treatment process works

Each treatment plan is tailored to address the individual patient’s symptoms, and includes the use of several FDA-cleared, painless technologies, including ultrasound, low-level photobiomodulation, microcurrent, and manual muscle therapy.

Different symptoms require from one to twelve treatments, each one hour long and completed weekly.

Patient receiving ultrasound, trigger point manipulation, and Cold Laser treatments

Ultrasound Icon showing air waves


Electrocurrent Icon showing tower with waves coming out

Muscle Therapy

Low-Level Laser Icon showing laser working


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