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Why Implement TruDenta?

TruDenta brings an additional revenue stream to your practice, allowing you to treat new and existing patients with head, neck, and jaw-related pain. Our FDA-cleared therapies are completely relieving patients of their symptoms. The TruDenta system is PACE-accredited and your staff can provide treatment, increasing your non-doctor revenue.

Dentist writing in patients chart

Steps to Provide TruDenta


Schedule Consultation

Schedule a free 30-minute consultation with our team so we can answer your questions and discuss whether providing TruDenta is right for your practice.


In-Person Training

We will bring our TruDenta training consultant to your practice, and they will show you and your staff how to use the TruDenta equipment for diagnosis and treatment.


Treat Patients

Once you receive training, you’re free to treat your patients! Our TruDenta team helps you market TruDenta with a customized marketing microsite; we can even edit any patient testimonial videos you create.

How Do You Receive Revenue?

In addition to the fee-for-service revenue generated by TruDenta care, insurance plans in some states will fully cover TruDenta treatment.

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