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“The number of people who have these issues is astounding to me. We weren’t taught this in dental school, or anywhere else.”

– Dr. C.M – TruDenta Provider

See Financial Benefits with TruDenta Care

Though providing superior patient care is our primary goal, there are significant financial benefits to TruDenta.

Practices succeed at a variety of levels. Some practices recoup their investment in the first year by treating an average of 1.4 patients per month, and others are helping dozens of new TruDenta patients every month. The ROI for TruDenta is impressive, with the average provider earning 389 percent, and a doctor chair time value of more than $1,500 per hour.

In addition, as a TruDenta provider, you can join our Medical Specialty Network and access four major medical insurance companies. You’ll be able to provide medically necessary services, resulting in 2-3 times higher reimbursement rates and a lower deductible for patients.

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Guide to Medical Reimbursement for Dentists and Orthodontists
Learn how you can increase your medical reimbursement of dental or orthodontic services from our comprehensive guide.

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