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There's a better way to treat chronic migraines and headaches

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you know how difficult they are to effectively diagnose and treat. The TruDenta system of diagnosis and treatment was developed to help uncover and resolve the frequently-overlooked causes behind your chronic migraines.

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Uncover the hidden causes of your chronic pain

The TruDenta diagnostic process uses the latest technology to closely examines the nerves, muscles, and ligaments that surround the head, neck, and jaw to find any signs of the inflammation and chronic stress that can lead to constant headaches.

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Get safe and lasting treatment from the doctors who understand your pain

If examination shows that your headaches are actually being caused by musculoskeletal problems, we can help. All TruDenta doctors have years of experience as dental professionals working with the delicate musculature of the jaw, neck, and head—a perfect background to implement TruDenta's process of progressive rehabilitation and physical therapy for the damaged joints and stressed musculature that cause chronic headaches.

Get to the root of your chronic migraines

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At Covington Headache Center, we primarily focus on pain management for jaw-related headaches, migraines, and TMJ issues. If you are looking for compassionate yet skilled practitioners, our dental care team headed by Dr. Ed Davis is here to help you get the care you need. Our priority is to deliver the highest quality mouth and jaw therapy to our patients in a comfortable and understanding setting. We primarily serve Covington, GA and the surrounding area.

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Our Doctor:

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Dr. Ed Davis

For Dr. Dean, dentistry is a lifelong passion! He derives lots of satisfaction from helping his valued patients achieve their desired smile goals and maintain good dental health throughout the years. He knows how important it is to stay free of oral health problems and enjoy a high quality of life, and he hopes you’ll trust him to be your dedicated dentist for the long-term. Keep reading below to learn more about his background.

Dr. Dean’s eventual career path started with a fairly traumatic experience – when he was nine, he fractured his front teeth! As a result, he had to undergo root canal therapy and also have crowns placed. This experience did spark an early interest in the dental field overall, though. Several years later, he applied to both medical school and dental school but really wasn’t sure what direction he wanted to go. After shadowing a nearby dentist for some time, he quickly became fascinated with the work, as well as what looked like a healthy work/life balance that would set him up for lifelong success. He also had a love of helping people that he knew would be fulfilled through this career path. The rest, they say, is history.

After completing his Bachelor of Science from the University of Georgia, Dr. Dean chose to pursue his doctorate at the Medical University of South Carolina. Although his formal education may be complete, he completes many hours of continuing education each year to stay current with the latest technology and procedures in oral healthcare, including courses at prestigious institutions like the Dawson Academy and the Pankey Institute. This approach is the best way to provide his patients with the most modern care possible! He is always looking for a more efficient way to do his job while also helping the people in his care feel genuinely relaxed. Some of the specialties he has focused on with a particular interest include dental implants and dental treatment for sleep apnea and TMJ/TMD. He also holds a Fellowship in the International Dental Implant Association and is a member of the following organizations:

  • Georgia Dental Association
  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Academy of General Dentistry
  • American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine
  • Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorder Disciplines

A Georgian native, Dr. Dean has three children who all now grown and living on their own. Wesley is a graduate of Georgia Southern University, Preston is running his own business, and Mackenzie is pursuing a career in nursing! He also has two grandchildren and loves spending time with them. One of his biggest interests outside of the dental world is design and photography – he even has a photo studio set up at home. He also regularly travels all over around the world and really enjoys seeing new places, as well as capturing lots of memories with his camera. Other hobbies include playing tennis, running, and visiting national parks.

An interesting fact about Dr. Dean: He is actually related to John C. Calhoun, an American statesman and political theorist from the Democratic party who served as the 7th vice president of the United States!

Contact Information
4106 Mill Street Northeast, Covington, GA, USA

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    The TruDenta Process

    Bite Force Analysis Icon showing mouth and teeth

    Bite Force Analysis

    Our proprietary T-Scan technology allows our doctors to precisely assess your mouth and jaw for dental imbalances during opening, closing, and chewing, right down to the amount and direction of the force exerted by each individual tooth.
    Range of Motion Analysis Icon showing neck with arrows

    Range of Motion Analysis

    Dental imbalances often cause chronic muscle tension and inflammation, which can in turn limit your head and jaw movement. Our doctors measure and monitor the movement range of your head and jaw to more accurately determine the most effective treatment plan for your symptoms.
    Headache History Form Icon showing persons head with pain lines above

    Headache History Form

    Headaches can occur for many different reasons — in order to find the source of your headaches and determine if the TruDenta treatment process will be effective for you, your TruDenta doctor will speak with you in detail about your past headaches and their specific symptoms.
    Muscle Exam Icon showing barbell

    Muscle Exam

    Your TruDenta doctor will locate the latent trigger points in your face and neck that restrict motion and contribute to jaw imbalances — these knots of tense muscle are often missed without a thorough examination.
    Head Health Questionnaire Icon showing papers and pencil

    Head Health Questionaire

    Jaw or head trauma can cause a variety of hidden changes in the jaw, neck, and face that may later manifest as stiffness, pain, or headaches. By cataloging any possible sources of damage, your TruDenta doctor can more effectively focus your treatment plan.
    Ultrasound Icon showing air waves


    Therapeutic ultrasound treatment returns circulation to chronically sore and strained muscles by providing gentle heat and increasing blood flow, while the targeted sound waves break up scar tissue and deep adhesions.
    Trigger Point Therapy Icon showing fingers and trigger point

    Trigger Point Therapy

    Manual trigger point therapy decreases and eliminates pain and tension in latent and active trigger points by breaking up muscle knots and increasing blood flow in order to decrease inflammation.
    Electrocurrent Icon showing tower with waves coming out


    Our transcutaneous microcurrent stimulation therapy reduces muscle spasms and their accompanying pain through low-level electrical signals. It also decreases lactic acid build-up and encourages healthy nerve stimulation.
    Low-Level Laser Icon showing laser working

    Low-Level Laser

    Our cold laser therapy decreases pain and inflammation and accelerates healing of muscle and joint tissue 25 to 35 percent faster than usual, while helping to rebuild natural nerve function.
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