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There's a better way to treat chronic migraines and headaches

If you suffer from chronic migraines, you know how difficult they are to effectively diagnose and treat. The TruDenta system of diagnosis and treatment was developed to help uncover and resolve the frequently-overlooked causes behind your chronic migraines.

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Uncover the hidden causes of your chronic pain

The TruDenta diagnostic process uses the latest technology to closely examines the nerves, muscles, and ligaments that surround the head, neck, and jaw to find any signs of the inflammation and chronic stress that can lead to constant headaches.

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Get safe and lasting treatment from the doctors who understand your pain

If examination shows that your headaches are actually being caused by musculoskeletal problems, we can help. All TruDenta doctors have years of experience as dental professionals working with the delicate musculature of the jaw, neck, and head—a perfect background to implement TruDenta's process of progressive rehabilitation and physical therapy for the damaged joints and stressed musculature that cause chronic headaches.

Get to the root of your chronic migraines

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The Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center is Nebraska’s leading institution for sleep dentistry. We believe that sleep apnea is not only one of the most underdiagnosed conditions in America, it’s one of the most serious. Our mission is to reach every person with sleep apnea and help them find the best sleep apnea treatment for them. We achieve our mission by helping people get their sleep apnea diagnosed, educating them about their treatment options, and providing oral appliance therapy.

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Our Doctor:

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Dr. Roger Roubal

Dr. Roger Roubal is the foremost sleep apnea dentist in the Omaha, Nebraska area. He has a passion for dentistry that changes not just smiles, but changes lives, and this is what inspired him to study sleep dentistry. Through successful snoring and sleep apnea treatment he saves lives and gives his patients a higher quality of life. More regenerative sleep leads to better energy during the days and a happier life overall.

When you are choosing a dentist, there are many things you need to consider: training, credentials, and experience, for example. Dr. Roubal has all that (see below), but what really makes him special is his passion for dentistry and for helping his patients. He is a dentist who is caring and dedicated.

Dr. Roubal has spent more than three decades as a dentist in Nebraska dedicated to improving the lives of his patients by giving them more attractive and healthier smiles. Now that he focuses solely on sleep apnea treatment, he knows that his impact not only improves how patients may feel, it improves their overall health as well.

When you talk to Dr. Roubal, you know he is listening, and when he offers you treatment options, you know the decision is truly yours to make.

Although Dr. Roubal graduated with his DDS from Creighton University in 1974, he has never stopped learning, and he continues to add certifications and hours for advanced training in sleep apnea and snoring treatment. In 2013, Dr. Roubal became a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and a Diplomate of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine, and is the Immediate Past President of the American Board of Craniofacial Dental Sleep Medicine. His facility is also accredited by the American Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine, one of only 59 institutions nationwide to receive this distinction.

These professional organizations and the recognitions they have given him set Dr. Roubal and the Advanced Dental Sleep Treatment Center apart from other dentists and practices, being the most highly trained, credentialed, and experienced within a 200 mile radius.

Dr. Roubal also makes sure his staff are well-trained to assist you with your sleep problems with a good understanding of the problem and its treatment.

Contact Information
11919 Grant Street, Suite #140, Omaha, NE 68164, USA

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    The TruDenta Process

    Bite Force Analysis Icon showing mouth and teeth

    Bite Force Analysis

    Our proprietary T-Scan technology allows our doctors to precisely assess your mouth and jaw for dental imbalances during opening, closing, and chewing, right down to the amount and direction of the force exerted by each individual tooth.
    Range of Motion Analysis Icon showing neck with arrows

    Range of Motion Analysis

    Dental imbalances often cause chronic muscle tension and inflammation, which can in turn limit your head and jaw movement. Our doctors measure and monitor the movement range of your head and jaw to more accurately determine the most effective treatment plan for your symptoms.
    Headache History Form Icon showing persons head with pain lines above

    Headache History Form

    Headaches can occur for many different reasons — in order to find the source of your headaches and determine if the TruDenta treatment process will be effective for you, your TruDenta doctor will speak with you in detail about your past headaches and their specific symptoms.
    Muscle Exam Icon showing barbell

    Muscle Exam

    Your TruDenta doctor will locate the latent trigger points in your face and neck that restrict motion and contribute to jaw imbalances — these knots of tense muscle are often missed without a thorough examination.
    Head Health Questionnaire Icon showing papers and pencil

    Head Health Questionaire

    Jaw or head trauma can cause a variety of hidden changes in the jaw, neck, and face that may later manifest as stiffness, pain, or headaches. By cataloging any possible sources of damage, your TruDenta doctor can more effectively focus your treatment plan.
    Ultrasound Icon showing air waves


    Therapeutic ultrasound treatment returns circulation to chronically sore and strained muscles by providing gentle heat and increasing blood flow, while the targeted sound waves break up scar tissue and deep adhesions.
    Trigger Point Therapy Icon showing fingers and trigger point

    Trigger Point Therapy

    Manual trigger point therapy decreases and eliminates pain and tension in latent and active trigger points by breaking up muscle knots and increasing blood flow in order to decrease inflammation.
    Electrocurrent Icon showing tower with waves coming out


    Our transcutaneous microcurrent stimulation therapy reduces muscle spasms and their accompanying pain through low-level electrical signals. It also decreases lactic acid build-up and encourages healthy nerve stimulation.
    Low-Level Laser Icon showing laser working

    Low-Level Laser

    Our cold laser therapy decreases pain and inflammation and accelerates healing of muscle and joint tissue 25 to 35 percent faster than usual, while helping to rebuild natural nerve function.
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