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The sky at night showing many stars

Migraines can strike anyone

Did you know that Vincent Van Gogh may have been a chronic migraine sufferer? It’s likely that Van Gogh struggled with other illnesses like epilepsy or bipolar disorder, but his frequent bouts of “sick headaches” (as they were called at the time) has led some to suggest that he may have also been suffering from chronic migraines.

The dreamy, otherworldly quality possessed by some of his most famous works like “Starry Night” has also been compared to the the visual distortions caused by the aura phase of a migraine attack. It’s hard to say for sure whether Van Gogh’s headaches were chronic migraines, but his struggles and unyielding artistic dedication are inspiring — we leave you with this quote from him, excerpted from one of his personal letters to his brother Theo.

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