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Video Camera With Person Standing To Right In Studio

Local Media Coverage

Your Local Media. One of the most underused FREE marketing tools available to any dentist or orthodontist is the local media. Whether you are covered by websites, local magazine/ newspapers, radio and even television, local media is eager to cover…

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Young Woman Talking On Cell Phone

Dental Office Hold Music

Our society is obsessed with music! Some doctors have music on hold and most seem to have it playing throughout their offices all day. I was in my dentist office last week and was a little disappointed with their musical…

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Young Girl Holding Her Head With A Swirl Of Black Lines Coming From One Side

Chronic Migraines & Mental Illness

Stigma often prevents many who live with chronic illnesses like depression or migraines from seeking out proven treatment. Many of you may remember the commercial from few years ago that addressed depression. It asked “where does depression hurt” and “who…

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